We See Things When We Are Ready

by teresa, 51art


“As the clocked ticked toward midnight, 2010 was coming to a close. The imagined project was developing into something real. The history, the environment, the economics of NYC and how the River affects each would be the launching point. And so the journey would begin. I could now welcome in 2011. At the stroke of midnight the project became official.”*
* excerpt from beginnings.

But where to start? The answer would begin to unfold at the end of February…

Kodi and I set out for our regular morning walk. On the way back in to our building, I noticed a sign on the inner door of our entry. People posted various signs there from time to time advertising items for sale before they move. Usually I ignored them. On this particular day I stopped and read what was in front of me. It had been up for over a week.

It was a notice from the NYC DOT. There was a construction project beginning in our neighborhood, at the end of our street. This notice outlined general information about the project as well as contact information in case we had questions; a neighborhood liaison was assigned in a community outreach effort. I read the sign and went inside. Kodi needed breakfast, and I had to head out for the day.

The next morning when we went out again, I stopped and reread the sign. At that moment something clicked. This could be the project to make my vision a reality. I copied down the number and called the office leaving a message simply asking how I could be part of it.

Deborah, the liaison got back to me within a few hours. She stated that she would be visiting the site over the next day and would ask whether I could go on location to photograph the project. Needless to say, I was not aware of the “red tape” for a city operation and did not expect to be turned down so quickly, so firmly.

Because of insurance issues, safety issues, the city was not willing to grant me my request. I was grateful that the DOT thought enough of me to respond so quickly. But I was quite disappointed as I felt everything was going to fall into place so nicely, so neatly.

That was not the case. I was down for now, but not out. The next opportunity would present itself in the upcoming weeks.